Whatever your application or requirements for considering an oil free compressed air system Direct Air & Pipework can provide a solution that best fits your requirements. Direct Air have experiance

Oil free air can be delivered to your system in one of three ways

  • Oil Free Air Compressors by design generate oil free air and Direct Air can advise on the most suitable air compressor from the Compair & Boge range of oil free air compressors to meet your systems needs.
  • Filtration   - Where point of use oil free air is required the installation of suitable filtration can deliver compressed air to very high standards. Direct Air can advise on the most suitable level of filtration for all of your systems requirements.
  • Catalytic Converter – In systems where oil lubricated standard air compressors are installed a downstream catalytic converter installed will deliver oil free air             

Oil Free air can be generated at source from oil free air compressors designed to deliver Class ZERO air. Direct Air offers the Compair DH and D range of oil free air compressors.

Compair DH Oil Free Air Compressor

Industrial Oil Free CompressorsAt the heart of the oil free air compressor is an innovative single screw compression element, featuring a single main rotor with 6 flutes meshing with a pair of 11 tooth gate rotors, that is proven in thousands of installations.

Compression takes place in two chambers above and below the main rotor, as a result compression loads are balanced and bearing loads are significantly reduced. The low bearing loads extend compression element life and significantly reduce lifetime operating costs. 

Water injected into the compression element provides lubrication, sealing and cooling. The superior cooling properties of water allows the compressor to operate at a low temperature providing near isothermal compression, low power consumption and class leading efficiency levels. A reverse osmosis membrane cartridge filters the injection water entering the compressor; as a result the water is always maintained at a high purity level.

100% Oil-Free Construction

The CompAir D and DH oil free air compressors low operating temperatures and bearing loads enable maintenance free sealed bearings to be used, totally removing the need for lubricating oil in the compressor. 100% oil-free compression is therefore guaranteed and the maintenance and environmental costs associated with oil and oil filter changes are eradicated.

Direct Air have experience in supplying and maintaining oil free air compressors and compressed air pipework for the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries so you can be safe in the knowledge your compressed air system remains oil free and compliant with legislation.



If you're interested in our range of INDUSTRIAL OIL FREE AIR COMPRESSORS and looking for further information, contact Direct Air today. Call us on 0845 602 6433, email us at enquiries@directair.co.uk or fill in our online enquiry form.

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