Nitrogen Gas Generators

Nitrogen Gas Generators

Generating your own nitrogen gas on site can be a fantastic way of reducing costs. Direct Air can supply, install and maintain a range of different nitrogen generators which can produce purity levels between 95% and 99.999%.

Modular nitrogen gas generators provide the flexibility to expand in line with your business needs by increasing nitrogen capacity as your business grows. compact in size, modular nitrogen generators take up a fraction of the footprint of a conventional liquid nitrogen tank and is highly efficient, producing nitrogen on demand.

Most nitrogen generators can be installed alongside your existing compressed air system making installation less costly and quicker payback times.


Benefits of on site Nitrogen Generation

Supply on Demand

Nitrogen Generators provide a constant, reliable, on demand supply of nitrogen irradiacating the chance of equipment downtime as a result of running out of stored nitrogen or waiting for deliveries during adverse weather conditions.

Low Operating Costs

The cost of generating your own nitrogen is typically 20%-30% less when compared to bottled nitrogen or bulk liquid nitrogen storage. Generating your own nitrogen also eliminates ongoing costs for having gas delivered as well as in house re-ordering processes.

Flixible with your business

Modular nitrogen generators are a future proof solution with the ability to expand with additional banks allowing for increased nitrogen flow rates while maintaining nitrogen purity levels.


There are no health and safety concerns with high pressure storage cylinders or cryogenic vessels on site when generating your own nitrogen along with no more potential hazards associated with trucks entering site to load/unload high pressure liquid nitrogen.

Nitrogen Purity

Able to provide purity levels up to 99.999%, modular nitrogen generator units have continuous real time monitoring built in so you can see the purity produced at any time.


Direct Air are experienced in providing Nitrogen generation equipment for 

Nitrogen Generation for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAPS) Nitrogen Generation for Beverage Industry Nitrogen Generation for Aerospace Nitrogen Generation for Laser Cutting Nitrogen Generation for Electronics
Food Packaging Beverage Applications

Aerospace Applications

Laser Cutters Electionic Applications


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