Leak Detection / Leak Repairs

Leak Detection / Leak Repairs

Direct Air provide a comprehensive leak detection serviceDirect Air provide a comprehensive leak detection service that will assist in reducing your companies levels of compressed air consumption and therefore reduce the cost of generation.

By using state of the art ultrasonic leak detection equipment even the smallest of leaks can be identified.

Leakshooter LKS 1000 Leak Detector

Direct Air provide a comprehensive leak detection serviceProducing compressed air is an undeniably expensive business and 20 to 40% of that air is lost because of leaks. Therefore, chasing them is a priority and this, ideally, at the very moment they start. The Leak detection equipment of choice for Direct Air is the Leakshooter LKS 1000. This leak detector can instantly and precisely record compressed air or vacuum leaks, using both sound and vision.

It features the first ultrasonic leak detection camera to measure and photograph (1000 scenes can be captured and saved on a computer) the specific location of a problem. The device signals, in real time, all needed information, for immediate maintenance, on a clear digital screen. To permit optimal action, the level in dB and the date are displayed and a different color will draw attention to the leak, depending on its seriousness. No need to choose between audition and vision, the detector has no limits: you can just focus on maintenance.

Leak Surveys Save Money

The table below highlights the level of wastage created by the smallest of leaks.

   Hole Diameter (mm)   Air Leakage @ 7bar (Cfm)     Power Required (Kw/h)     
0.5 0.4 0.06
1.0 1.7 0.24
1.5 3.8 0.54
2.0 6.6 0.93
6.0 60 8.5
10 165 23.4

If you would like to purchase a Leakshooter for your self to conduct your own leak survey please email enquiries@directair.co.uk or contact us today on 024 7668 8890 If you would like to arrange for one of our experienced engineers to visit your site and conduct a Leak Survey.

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