Micro Brewery Makes Massive Savings

Cotswold Brewing CompanyCotswold Brewing Company are enjoying savings of over £5,000 a year after stopping purchasing nitrogen thanks to new compressed air equipment supplied by Direct Air & Pipework.

The Gloucestershire based business was one of the first micro-breweries in England to brew kegged lagers and speciality beers. A family business established in 2005, Cotswold Brewing Company boasts a unique range of kegged lagers, cask ales, cider and spirits.

Part of the kegging process involves washing kegs out with a blast of gas, typically nitrogen, to ensure they are free of all bacteria and suitable to house the final product.

Direct Air installed a new HV05 RM Hydrovane compressor and desiccant dryer along with oil vapour removal and stainless steel sterile filters at the brewery in Bourton on the Water.

“We were using nitrogen that came in bulk tanks and we were spending around £10,000 per year” commented Cotswold Brewing Company Director Richard Keene. “The transition with Direct Air to using a compressor, oil vapour removal filter and a dryer and sterile filters enables us to use compressed air for the keg packaging and finish with a blast of carbon dioxide so it has removed our need for nitrogen”.

“As a keg lager producer, our set up is quite unique amongst the micro brewers” added Keene.

Cotswold Brewing CompanyBuying nitrogen from a company can be a very expensive part of the food and beverage packaging process. The new equipment at Cotswold Brewing Company has allowed dramatic cost savings. No longer purchasing nitrogen allowed Cotswold Brewing Company to enjoy a payback period of less than 18 months.

“We are really happy with the savings we have been able to achieve here” commented Direct Air General Manager Tim McGill. “We knew that there were good savings to be made and that we had the products and knowhow to deliver but even I was surprised at how quick the payback period was. We already deal with other companies in the food and beverage industry and have helped them cut nitrogen costs by installing nitrogen generators so this installation was a little different allowing them to stop using nitrogen all together.”

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