Hydrovane HV22 RS Compressor

Hydrovane HV22 RS Compressor

HV22RS Air Compressor

Hydrovane HV22RS Vertical Air Compressors provide a high quality, reliable and compact compressed air solution. Using state of the art inverter technology allows the HV22RS to accurately match the varying demand of your compressed air system typically achieving savings of between 30% and 50%.

HV22RS compressors are just as easy to maintain as the fixed speed HV22 compressor, delivering quick, cost effective compressor servicing and as little downtime as possible. The "Super Soft" start on the HV22RS which combined with its low operating speed motor, extends the life of many internal compressor parts, meaning longer service intervals compared to some rival compressors.

Noise levels as low as 71 dB(A) allow you to reduce installation costs with the Hydrovane HV22RS by locating the compressor near to personnel or equipment without health and safety issues.

Hydrovane compressed air is clean, dry and pulse free straight from the outlet, with no receiver required as standard. Its vertical design also allows the HV22RS to benefit from the smallest footprint in its kW range. 

Oil carry over from the HV22RS is typically less than 3 ppm and the 'No drive drive' means no belts or pulleys or couplings, nothing to fail, nothing to change. you benefit from 100% drive efficiency 100% of the time.


HV22RS Compressor Technical Specification


FAD @ 6 Bar

FAD @ 8 Bar

FAD @ 10 Bar

22 kW 

29.5 HP

3.53 mᶟ/min

124.5 CFM

3.22 mᶟ/min

113.8 CFM

3.07 mᶟ/min

108.3 CFM


Dimensions (L/W/H)


Outlet Size



71 dB(A)

850 mm

700 mm

1550 mm

520 kg

1" BSP




Hydrovane Advance Warranty

The Hydrovane 'Advance' warranty offers complete peace of mind covering your Hydrovane HV22RS compressor for 10 years or 48,000 hours, whichever comes first. Warranty validation depends on the compressor being installed by an approved, authorised Hydrovane distributor (like Direct Air & Pipework) and the correct service procedures and genuine service kits, parts and lubricants are used in accordance with the recommended service schedule.


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