Air Compressors are the heart of the dental surgery and arguably the 2nd most important part of a dental practice after the surgeon.

Direct Air and Pipework are experienced in both the supply and installation of dental compressors and pipework systems for dental practices supplying compressed air equipment to HTM2022 and HTM02-01 standards.


Dental Compressor Regulations 


HTM2022 regulations require compressed air to be generated by an oil free compressor with an integral dryer, internally coated air receiver and a breathing air and bacterial filter down stream of the compressor.


HTM02-01 regulations relate to your pipework system, ensuring it is safely located away from potential damage, has minimal leaks and contains sufficient isolation valves.

Air quality detection can be installed providing accurate readings and allow you to benefit from only changing your filters when required saving on maintenance costs and giving you peace of mind with the knowledge that your system is generating quality, safe, breathing air to your patients,


Oil Free Compressed Air

Oil Free Bambi compressors are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards of quality control and come complete with a warranty providing complete peace of mind.

Quieter, silenced compressors are also available from Direct Air in the form of the popular Oil Free Bambi VTS compressor range, averaging noise levels of 54 dB(A)


Dental Air Compressors By Bambi

 Dental Air Compressors By Bambi - Bambi VT200D Air Compressor  Dental Air Compressors By Bambi - Bambi VT75D Air Compressor Dental Air Compressors By Bambi - Bambi VTS250D Air Compressor Dental Air Compressors By Bambi - Bambi Oil Free Air Compressor

Oil Free Bambi VT Compressors

Suitable for Dental Surgery

Oil Free Bambi VTH Compressors

Suitable for Dental Surgery

'Silent' Oil Free Bambi VTS Compressors

Suitable for Dental Surgery

Oil Free Bambi PT Compressors

Suitable for Dental Labs


Dental Compressor Maintenance

Dental Air Compressors from Bambi require very little maintenance and normally require a service every 2 years. Although little mechanical maintenance is required to comply with Health and Safety regulations if your air receiver is 24 litres or larger it requires to be inspected every 24 months and obtain a written scheme of examination (note some insurance companies require this to be done annually).

Direct Air can provide a comprehensive service schedule for all maintenance and certification intervals contacting you when required to book work in at your convenience giving you peace of mind that you will remain compliant for the life of your compressor.


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