Made in BritainBambi Air Compressors are high performance, precision made systems built in Britain.

Designed for Medical, Dental, Laboratory and OEM applications Bambi Air Compressors offer high quality Air at affordable prices.


The new Bambi PT range of direct drive air compressors offer ultra low noise levels, from only 54 dB(A) and 100% oil free operation.

Ideal for Pneumatic Control Systems, Scientific Laboratories, Staple Guns, Picture Framing, Autoclaves, Veterinary Dental Carts, Drink Dispensing, Door Opening and Exhibition Stands.

The PT range from Bambi delivers a low maintenance solution to ultra-quiet oil free compressed air. PT Compressors are available in a choice of receiver and pump formats to ensure that the one chosen is perfectly adapted to the application.

Bambi PT Range

Bambi PT5 Compressor Bambi PT8 Compressor Bambi PT15 Compressor Bambi PT24 Compressor Bambi PT50 Compressor

Bambi PT5

Bambi PT8

Bambi PT15

Bambi PT24

Bambi PT50


Bambi VT Compressors

Bambi VT Air Compressors are fantastic value machines that provide Oil Free Air. All standard models without air dryers sport a “soft start” solenoid valve discharging the air pressure in the pump whenever the power is disconnected which protects the compressor from overload and extends the service life.

Bambi VT Compresors are perfect when you demand the highest possible air quality for critical applications such as dentistry, scientific laboratories, food packaging, pneumatic controls, hospital ventilators, drink dispensing – and anywhere when low compressor maintenance is essential.

Bambi VT Range

Bambi VT75 Compressor Bambi VT150 Compressor Bambi VT200 Compressor Bambi VT250 Compressor Bambi VT300 Compressor Bambi VT400 Compressor

Bambi VT75

Bambi VT150

Bambi VT200

Bambi VT250

Bambi VT300

Bambi VT400

Bambi VT Range (Built in Dryer)

Bambi VT75D Compressor Bambi VT150D Compressor Bambi VT200D Compressor Bambi VT250D Compressor Bambi VT300D Compressor Bambi VT400D Compressor
Bambi VT75D Bambi VT150D Bambi VT200D Bambi VT250D Bambi VT300D Bambi VT400D


Bambi VTH Compressors

Bambi VTH compressors use the proven Vee Twin pump unit found in all other Bambi VT applications mounted on a horizontal receiver for applications where a vertical model would be too tall.

The VTH has the same advanced technical features as its vertical siblings, including a soft start solenoid valve to protect the compressor from overload, internally coated receivers to ensure that the air is contamination free and high quality components to ensure an extended service life and low maintenance.

Bambi VTH Range

Bambi VTH75 Compressor Bambi VTH75D Compressor Bambi VTH150 Compressor Bambi VTH150D Compressor Bambi VTH200 Compressor Bambi VTH200DCompressor
Bambi VTH75 Bambi VTH75D Bambi VTH150 Bambi VTH150D Bambi VTH200 Bambi VTH200D


Bambi VTS Compressors

Bambi VTS compressors offer 'Silent' oil free air, perfect for laboratories, food industry, drink dispensing, dental surgeries, medical equipment and all other clean-air critical applications.

The S in VTS is not just an acoustic silencing hood but a dedicated silent range, developed for applications where the compressor needs to be sited near the point of use, the VTS Models are almost inaudible when running and are perfect when no noise is essential. 

Having the same innovative features and technological advances as the standard VT models, this additional range has been developed to deliver the highest quality of compressed air with ultra low noise levels from as low as 54 dB(A).

Bambi VTS Range

Bambi VTS75 Compressor Bambi VTS75D Compressor Bambi VTS150 Compressor Bambi VTS150D Compressor Bambi VTS200 Compressor Bambi VTS200D Compressor Bambi VTS250 Compressor Bambi VTS250D Compressor

Bambi VTS75

Bambi VTS75D

Bambi VTS150

Bambi VTS150D

Bambi VTS200

Bambi VTS200D Bambi VTS250 Bambi VTS250D

Bambi Budget Compressors

The Bambi Budget Range (BB Air Compressor) has been developed for those users where ultra low noise and relatively small flow of air is required.

With sound levels from just 40 dB(A) and almost no vibration when running, the BB Air Compressor range Bambi Budget Compressors.  

Bambi BB Range

Bambi BB8 Compressor Bambi BB15 Compressor Bambi BB15V Compressor Bambi BB24V Compressor Bambi BB24 Compressor Bambi BB24D Compressor Bambi BB50D Compressor Bambi Wheel Kit
Bambi BB8 Bambi BB15 Bambi BB15V Bambi BB24V Bambi BB24 Bambi BB24D Bambi BB50D Bambi Wheel Kit