System Upgrade Saves £££'s

Contacted by a major supplier to the Automotive industry in Stoke On Trent, Direct Air were asked to utilise their extensive knowledge and experiance in energy saving methods to help make the companies compressed air system as energy efficient as possible

The system prior to the upgrade consisted of three fixed speed compressors controlled by a very basic HPC Sigma controller. Following a comprehensive audit system improvements were made with the replacement of one of the fixed speed compressors with a new CompAir L55RS variable speed compressor combined with an Energair intelligent control system and heat recovery system.

                                 2012    2013   
Non-Productive Input 17.16 % 0.39%
System Efficiency 7.24 kW/m3/min 6.36 kW/m3/min
Energy cost during survey £1,359 £1,011
Cost of energy per annum £61,452 £45,610
Productive Energy £50,906 £45,432
Non Productive Energy £10,545 £177.88

System Upgrade Saves Compressed Air System 

System efficiency is now much improved along with a reduction in system air demand due to improved control and operating at a lower pressure. As a consequence the achieved savings are as follows

• Energy Savings of nearly £ 16,000 per annum through improved compressor control

• The heat recovery system is expected to provide a minimum saving of £10,500 per annum

• Overall system savings have exceeded the forecasted £ 23,545 per annum

• The HPC compressors each now only run less than 1000 hours per annum each meaning a reduction in service costs.