Compressed Air Dryers

Compressed Air Dryers

A compressed air dryer is a device for removing water vapour from compressed air. As part of the process of compressing air, water vapour in the atmosphere is also compressed. Excessive water in compressed air, in either the liquid or vapour phase, can cause a variety of operational problems for users of compressed air. These include freezing of outdoor air lines, corrosion in piping and equipment, malfunctioning of pneumatic process control instruments, fouling of processes and products, and more.

Direct Air can offer solutions in the form of 3 different compressed air dryers.

Refrigerated DryerRefrigerated Dryer
(Dew Point of +3°C)

A refrigerated air dryer removes moisture from the air through use of a heat exchanger. An air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger is used to cool the air so that the vapour condenses into water. This water is then collected and drained out of the system drying the air to +3°C. Direct Air can offer a range of refrigerated dryers to fulfil your needs and offer some compressors with a built in dryer when space is an issue.

Desiccant DryerDesiccant Dryer
(Dew Point of -70°C)

Desiccant dryers (also known as Regenerative Desiccant Dryers) are made up of 2 chambers. Able to reach dew points as low as -70°C, Compressed air runs through a chamber filled with desiccant which adsorbs the moisture reducing the airs dew point. The wet desiccant is dried by alternating chambers and using hot air to purge and drive off the moisture preparing the desiccant for its next cycle. These cycles can either by controlled by a set timer or an energy efficient a smart controller.

Membrane Dryer
Membrane Dryer(Dew Point of -40°C)

Membrane dryers remove water vapour from compressed air by air passing through a membrane material and using a small amount of compressed air to purge away moisture. Due to their size membrane dryers can normally be installed close to the point of use, are reliable, quiet and require no electricity to operate. Membrane air dryers are used in pneumatic components, spray painting, laser plenum purge, air bearings, air spindles, medical equipment, air guns and pneumatic brakes for vehicles and trains

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