Condensate Management

Condensate Management

Condensate generated needs to be responsibly disposed as stated in the water industry act of 1991 and the environmental protection regulations of 1991.

Read a summary of the legislation here.

Direct Air can supply and install equipment to both remove condensate from your compressed air system and treat it on site keeping your company compliant with legislation while also saving money.


Direct Air can supply zero loss drains to remove condensate from your compressed air system. Zero loss is important in ensuring your system is energy efficient as any air wasted in the removal of your condensate is money wasted. The condensate level is detected by sensitive yet reliable electronics and features an alarm for alerting you to potential problems immediately

Oil Water Separator

Approximately 99% of condensate is water which after treatment can legally be disposed of down the drain saving costs on waste disposal companies. Portable and without any electronics, our oil water separators have no moving parts meaning little maintenance is required until a service exchange is due.

If you have emulsion Direct Air also supply cost effective splitting plants. Other oil-containing industrial wastewaters can be processed along with your compressed air condensate. Water-insoluble organic substances and a large variety of solid contaminations are removed from the water and any heavy metals, dirt and paint particles contained in the water are reliably adsorbed.

If you would like help in ensuring your facility stays compliant regarding condensate contact us today.

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