Is your compressed air system prepared for winter? Part II

Last week we started advising you on how you can prepare your compressed air system for the cold winter months. We previously focused on essential maintenance ahead of the big chill and now we’re going to cover more aspects of weatherproofing.

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Is your compressed air system prepared for winter? Part I

Winter officially begins in December so there are many steps you can take to prepare your compressed air system for the impending temperature drop.

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Project update - Ultima delivery & bespoke air receiver

We wanted to give you a brief update of an ongoing project that we’re currently onsite working on, as we’ve already met a few impressive milestones along the way including the very first Ultima delivery in Europe.

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How is your air compressor performing?

Do you think about how you could improve your compressed air system performance? Our tips can help your compressor - and business - become more reliable.

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In-house generator is running and raring to go

We’ve installed an in-house generator to test compressor performance and flow rates to check solutions before they are sent out to customers.

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The year of the solar panels

It's been one year since we had solar energy panels fitted to the roof our our Coventry headquaters and the results are there to be seen!

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